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The Dirty Dozen: Highly refined, intensely focused cooking classes at Abacus

What is it like to work alongside some of the most celebrated chefs in Dallas? The Dirty Dozen cooking classes are your exclusive opportunity to learn secrets and practice techniques taught by the masters themselves. Since 1999, the Dirty Dozen is one of Dallas’ most coveted events.

Upon arrival at the Dallas 5-star restaurant, Dirty Dozen students don their personalized chef’s coats to begin hands-on instruction. The students are divided into four teams:

Executive Chef: Christopher Patrick
Executive Sous Chef: Chad Bowen
Pastry Chef: Cessy Mendoza
Abacus /Jasper’s Guest Chef

Your Dirty Dozen cooking class team spends a Sunday preparing one of four courses or a fabulous buffet. Abacus is closed so you have the run of the kitchen. The day culminates in an intimate dinner with paired wine and the opportunity to share the experience with one invited guest of your choice. You’ll walk away as a Dirty Dozen alum with a new or rejuvenated appreciation for extraordinary cuisine and knowledge that only comes with learning from the masters. Instead of leaving with recipes, you will leave with the knowledge of how to…..

Cost: $375 (unless otherwise noted)
Contact us to sign up

*Dirty Dozen cooking class teams are chosen at random. Unfortunately, your team requests cannot be granted unless you choose the pastry team. Part of the Dirty Dozen experience is meeting your team members.

Upcoming Dirty Dozen Classes

January 14th, 2018
Sample the delicacies of  Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine. The Middle East and Mediterranean region overlap. Certain countries that were part of the Ottoman empire, share a lot of cooking styles, dishes, and ingredients; however, the same dishes take on regional variation. Find out more in this class that covers cuisine from a large swath of the globe.

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March 25th, 2018
Some people label Creole food as “city food” and Cajun as “country food.” Cajun food developed separately from Creole and has a longer history.  Have fun learning the techniques to create  the various flavors of the cultures of New Orleans.

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May 20th, 2018
The time-honored culinary traditions of Latin America remain intact today. If you have not explored them already, new or old, don’t miss out. You will fall in love with South American food.

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